Founded in 2012 and incorporated in 2015 under the laws of Ghana and registered with the Registrars’ General Department under the Company’s act of Ghana, Act 179, The Accra Mining Network (AMN), is the largest amorphous professional organization in the extractive industry in Ghana.
AMN is managed by and relies on a highly qualified team of the extractive industry professionals with substantial experience acquired through the course of their professional activities in Ghana and elsewhere.

AMN is an amorphous extractive industry organization with an enabling platform where industry players meet, learn and earn via advocacy, dialoguing and consensus building, researching and also championing mining related issues to influence policy makers to ensuring that the nation’s interests and concerns in the mining sector are properly articulated and internalized throughout the country, for the benefit and prosperity of all.
Our multidisciplinary pool of professionals/experts are able to tackle the most challenging problems involving the integration of a wide range of technical, social-economic, analytical and information technological disciplines along the entire spectrum of the extractive industry.

Our Vision

To connect all mining professionals in the country for synergy and the requisite exposure.

Our Mission
To provide an effective platform and an easier avenue for professionals in the industry to meet, learn and earn, through seminars, advocacy, conferences, workshops and fora.

Our Core Values

Accountability – We are accountable and responsible for all our actions.
Professionalism – we overcome every challenging goal by being professionally proactive and innovative with organic and intrinsic synergies.
Creativity and Innovation – We encourage creativity and promote innovation at every stage of our deliberations and  endeavours.
Environment – we promote the use of  sustainable and environmentally friendly protocols, and globally recognized best practices.
Excellence – we always opt for best technology and management methods that would cut cost down in achieving our objectives and in our productions, using the rich human resource at our disposal;
Integrity – Honesty and Accountability are our signatures in every aspect of our business;
Respect – we have and as well exhibit tremendous respect for the talent within our membership, and we promote fairness in all our interactions.
Team work – we are cohesive and united in purpose, so we flourish as a team as each talent is harnessed for the collective good.
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