AMN is about the people who work in our Industry. We find innovative ways to bring updated industry trends, issues and ideas to our members.

We create the platform for Industry Leaders to interact and exchange ideas on a very informal level with sector professionals. This core role we believe is extremely important, it helps build trust and  successful linkages. So we continue to create the avenue for mining industry professionals to meet, learn and earn, through advocacy, conferencing, training and fora.

Convenor Role: Due to our large membership, AMN has the capacity to act as a Convenor in the sector for projects and events. We organize quarterly events and many training and career development programmes designed to provide a continuous learning environment, both to gain new skills and to refine existing ones.

Research & Surveys: The AMN research team has the capability to carry out systematic investigation into the study of sector subject areas or in any arising mining related issues in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

We are regarded as an extremely professional, credible and effective advocate for the industry by governments, stakeholders, and our growing membership base.

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