Alluvial Mining is a dependable source of generating extra income but this fact is known to only a few people.

Notwithstanding its notoriety because of the way it is currently being practiced and the associated environmental concerns, there are still best practices and more responsible ways to approach it with the right knowledge.

Learn all you need to know to do it right from the AMN Alluvial Mining Field School if you would like to engage in a profitable and responsible Alluvial Mining Business.

The two-day Field School is made up of 12 online presentations on day one and a Field Visit on day two to a model operating mine in the eastern region.

Course Content
  1.  Introduction to basic concepts in Minerals and the Geology of Alluvial deposit controllers
  2.  The identification and exploration of small-scale alluvial mining sites.
  3.  Mining License Acquisition process in Ghana: The role of regulatory Agencies, Minerals Commission, WRC and EPA
  4.  Approved Lands for Alluvial Prospecting: SSM and LSM, compensation packages and Policies
  5.  Gravity Recoverable Gold Determination
  6.  Planning an Alluvial Mine- budgeting and resource calculations
  7.  The Alluvial Mining Process and basic metallurgical optimization
  8.  Sustainable Metallurgical Practice in Alluvial Mining
  9.  Health, Safety, Environment and Best Practices
  10.  Introduction to Small Scale Business Management
  11.  Beneficiation and Allied Opportunities in Alluvial Mining
  12.  Scaling up the Alluvial Mining Business etc.
  13.  DAY 2 – Field visit to two operating model mine sites  in the eastern region of Ghana.

Only Twenty-five (25) seats available.

Facilitators are drawn from industry, academia and from the regulatory agencies.

Rate is GHS 600
With 60% to 90% Early Bird Discounts variously available for AMN/WIM Members, and all others who register on or before 11:59 pm April 30, 2021 deadline.

Choose from June, July or August.

Register or call +233 26 422 2595 for further information

(Terms and Conditions Apply. Rate for International Participants is $300). 

Language of Instruction
English (at this time, the presentations and lectures will be in English)

Expected Outcome
Participants who hitherto knew nothing about alluvial mining will be able to knowledgeably start and manage an alluvial mining business profitably and responsibly after completion.

Those who are already alluvial miners will increase their productivity.

Accra Mining Network is happy to be contributing to responsible informal mining in her little way with this Field School.

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