The Commensurate Voting Right of AMN

During the 2020 Executive Elections, the Accra Mining Network invoked and applied a comprehensive concept called the Commensurate Voting Rights  (CVR). The Network used this 10-point system to assign weights to her membership for the Elections.

Noted for pushing the edges of the development envelop, this is seen as yet another innovative example from the Network. Instead of limiting the opportunity to vote to members in good standing alone, the CVR allowed every member of the Network to have a weighted voting right. The assigned total cumulative CVR ranged from 5 points for being a registered member of the Network to 200 points for patrons.

The following is the summary of the CVR criteria:

  1. AMN Membership: 5 points.
  2. Being up to date on dues or membership subscription: 15 points.
  3. Members who have ever paid dues (minimum once): 10 points.
  4. Ratio of dues paid to total dues payable since membership (multiplied by 10): points vary in this category.
  5. Members who paid 2020 dues, get 10 points.
  6. Members who paid 2019 dues, get 12 points.
  7. Members who paid 2018 dues, get 14 points.
  8. Members who paid 2017 dues, get 16 points.
  9. Members who paid 2016 dues, get 18 points.
  10. Members who paid 2015 dues, get 20 points.

This translates into a possible average cumulative total of 122 points for some members, but members who have never paid dues ended up with a total of 5 points.

The Network believes that, the Commensurate Voting Right is a fair commitment barometer that automatically rewards and simultaneously empowers both new and old members accordingly.


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